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Cyst Treatment

Cyst Removal Cincinnati, Ohio

Moksha Dermatology can help you get rid of any cyst you have, no matter what form it is or where it is on your body. They help patients eliminate cysts while safeguarding their surrounding skin and overall health with their skilled cyst removal procedures.

What is a cyst?

Cysts are small pockets that form beneath the skin. They can occur anywhere on your body and are filled with gas, solid, or liquid. They may resemble a blister in appearance and sensation.

Most cysts are not malignant or unpleasant, which is excellent news. If you’re experiencing pain from your cyst, it’s most likely infected or irritated.

It’s technically an abscess if the pocket is filled with pus. Whether you have a cyst or an abscess, the professionals at Moksha Dermatology will help you address the problem and get your skin back to normal.

What causes cysts?

Cysts can be caused by a variety of factors, the majority of which aren’t cause for alarm. Cysts can form for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Infections
  • Cellular defect in the area
  • A blockage in your ducts, which results in fluid buildup
  • Injury
  • Chronic inflammation

What can I do about my cyst?

While most cysts are harmless, they are often unsightly, and you may find yourself favoring a certain part of your body to avoid hitting the cyst.

Even if your cyst isn’t troubling you, you should still have it treated by a doctor. Cysts can grow and become malignant over time.

Cyst removal is available at Moksha Dermatology to help you get rid of the cyst quickly, effectively, and safely.

What should I expect during and after cyst removal?

The team at Moksha Dermatology has created a cyst removal method that is both comfortable and convenient for you.

The operation is as painless and short as possible. During this small surgical treatment, Moksha Dermatology is committed to minimizing patient discomfort.

In the weeks following your procedure, you will have a little surgery site to look after. Our knowledgeable staff will explain what to expect and how to care for the region so that it heals properly and completely. Most cysts do not return once they have been removed.