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AviClear Laser Acne Treatments

Eliminate Acne in Three Short,
30-Minute Treatment Sessions with AviClear

Do you suffer from moderate to severe acne? Acne removal that is quicker, better, and prevents recurrence is now possible thanks to AviClear. Moksha Dermatology is one of the first practices in the area to provide our patients with this state-of-the-art acne therapy. Moksha Dermatology proudly serves patients in Cincinnati, Springboro, and Monroe and Dayton, Ohio.

AviClear Laser Acne Treatment Results


To date, the only energy-based device authorized by the FDA to treat mild, moderate, and severe facial acne is AviClear. After only a few short months of using AviClear, patients will see a dramatic improvement in their skin’s appearance after just three 30-minute sessions. The nicest aspect is that a doctor’s note isn’t required. The AviClear procedure is risk-free and effective for people of all skin colors and kinds.


AviClear, a laser treatment for acne made by CUTERA®, was approved by the FDA on March 24, 2022. The 1726 nm beam of light from this laser is carefully aimed at the sebaceous glands and sent to the skin in a safe and effective way. This gland makes sebum, an oily substance that clogs pores and causes acne when it mixes with dead skin cells. AviClear is different from most other acne treatments because it stops sebum production in its tracks. This keeps pimples from ever forming. AviClear comes with a cooling function (AviCoolTM) to make patients more comfortable and help keep the temperature of the skin stable during treatment.

AviClear can treat acne no matter how bad it is or what color your skin is. Not only does this procedure help clear up acne that is already there, but scientific studies have shown that after a full course of AviClear treatments, acne flare-ups are less common, less severe, and don’t last as long.

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What Does It Feel Like?

By keeping the skin at a constant temperature, the proprietary AviCoolTM sapphire skin cooling and sensory controls from AviClear make treatments more tolerable. All patients in a clinical trial did not need or use any pain medication before, during, or after treatment. Some patients report the feeling of a slight “snapping” or “cracking” sensation during their treatment. Patients often report a pain level of 3 on a 10-point scale, despite the lack of anesthetics and needles.

Who is a Candidate for AviClear Laser Acne Treatments?

AviClear is a laser treatment that can help almost anyone who suffers from acne. It works on mild to severe acne and all kinds of acne (such as cystic, inflammatory, and hormonal). AviClear is different from other laser acne treatments because it doesn’t target melanin. Other laser acne treatments can only be effective on patients with specific skin tones. AviClear doesn’t focus on melanin, but rather on oil glands. AviClear can be used by people of all ages, from teenagers to the elderly.

Does AviClear Have Any Side Effects?

AviClear is a safer, less painful, and less invasive alternative to traditional acne treatments like prescription creams, pills, and lasers. Because the laser is cooled by the AviCool system, there are no safety concerns about using toxic chemicals when using AviClear. As the therapy goes on, the patient might feel a little “cracking” sensation at most. Some patients get temporary redness or a small increase in acne that quickly dissipates after using AviClear. Overall there are little to no side effects present when using AviClear to reduce acne.

How Long Until I See Results from AviClear Acne Treatments?

Patients will need to undergo several sessions of the AviClear acne laser treatment to see exceptional and long lasting results. AviClear patients require three 30-minute sessions, each spread out by three to four weeks. The duration of an AviClear treatment program is typically between two and three months. Nearly 80% of AviClear users reported that the appearance of their skin had improved after this period. As time goes on, the positive results will continue to appear.

Is There Any Downtime with AviClear Acne Treatments?

AviClear will not cause any serious adverse reactions or need any significant recovery time. After treatment, it’s not uncommon to have some minor side effects, including a flushing of the skin or a mild acne flare-up. Then, after your AviClear session, you may carry on with your day as usual.

There is minimal downtime, if any, so your regular schedule may be maintained. For a few days following acne therapy, you should avoid anything that might irritate your skin, including tanning beds and other acne treatments. After completing treatment, you will be back to your normal life very quickly.

How Many AviClear Laser Acne Treatments Will I Need to Notice Results?

According to clinical trials with the AviClear acne treatment, following breakout episodes are milder, don’t last as long, and happen less frequently. Clearance of acne improves with continued use of the novel medication, demonstrating its efficacy over the long term. Acne clears up quickly after the first three treatments, with continued improvement at six months. The full effects may not be seen for 4-12 weeks.

Are the AviClear Results Permanent?

New studies and data confirm that AviClear effectively and permanently eliminates acne. After finishing the treatments, your oily skin should be significantly reduced and continue to improve for a while. As time passes following acne therapy, the condition should improve and recur less frequently. Acne can be mostly eliminated with AviClear, and it won’t come back.

Can AviClear Treat Different Parts of the Body?

AviClear can be used to treat acne anywhere on the body, like on the face, back, chest, buttocks, or any other place where acne might show up.

Is AviClear Laser Acne Treatment Effective on Darker Skin Tones?

Darker skin tones are no problem for us to treat. Brown spots are a common result of long-term inflammation, and people of color are more likely to get them. As the swelling goes down, the dark spots fade and become easier to get rid of. It’s nice to know that our laser can be used on people with different skin tones.

How Much Does AviClear Cost?

The price may change based on how many AviClear sessions you need to get the results you want. During your first appointment, we’ll go over your acne treatment plan and give you a quote that fits your needs.

Schedule Your AviClear Laser Acne Treatment at Moksha Dermatology

Ready to find out if the AviClear acne treatment is right for you? Moksha Dermatology in Cincinnati, Ohio offers AviClear acne treatment appointments for anyone ready to say goodbye to acne once and for all. Contact us today to get started with your AviClear Laser Acne treatment. Moksha Dermatology proudly serves patients in Cincinnati, Springboro, and Monroe and Dayton, Ohio.